Humbling Ourselves in light of Christ’s Magnificent Gift

I am in sheer amazement as I sit here and contemplate the incredible gift of Jesus.  In light of Christmas, I have been thinking more about the birth of Jesus,  I read  or hear this scripture yearly but often skim over it and take it lightly and think of it as more of a “story” than actually taking time consider all Jesus gave up for us.  Let’s just think about this…Jesus came to this earth in human form and gave up His divine right in heaven. He was sitting next to the Father in heaven and knew the world was in need of a Savior and set out on this rescue plan to bring us the most precious gift ever of salvation.  How many of us would give that up, that position, that life, that knowledge, that power? …To come down to a broken, evil, corrupt world to die one of the most evil, degrading deaths, so that the very ones that were yelling “crucify him” and all of mankind today would have the opportunity to be reconciled with God and given the chance of eternal life.  That is a love like no other!  Let’s ponder that concept as we wrap up the holidays and start the New Year.


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